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You say I'm damned if I fight
Damned if I don't
That this could finally be the end of my rope
Well, if it's true, what you say
I think I'd rather find out the hard way

Refuse, refuse
I refuse to live like this

Thinking and thinking every single day
Can I break the cycle? 'Cause the cycle is breaking me

Yeah, I refuse to live my life in a cage
Shackled down by built up hatred and rage
Still at 2am, I ask myself: Am I really as strong as I claim to be?

What if I fake it, will I make it or will I sink or swim?
Cause when I think out aloud, I always sounds so grim
But when I bottle this up, I overflow from the brim
I can't see straight, it's getting dim

My mind is a loaded gun
There's a bullet in the barrel that I can't outrun
I'm not as strong as I claim to be
If I'm being honest, I'm barely hanging on

Can I break the cycle? 'Cause the cycle is breaking me


from Dying Light, released July 1, 2016
Mixed and Mastered by Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios.
Album Art by Kieran Ellis Jones and Alex Macri.



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Coves Adelaide, Australia

Melodic Hardcore band from Adelaide, South Australia.

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